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Garage doors are very important for the security of our vehicles. There are many different models of garage doors, but most have the same operation mechanism. They function using various components. While all components are vital, the cables assist the device operate properly.

Do you have a garage door or do you wish to install one? Keep reading and you will get all the information about Garage Door Cable Repair in Vancouver BC.

The common Garage Door Cable Problems

The design of a garage door includes extension springs. When these springs accidentally or intentionally break, increased energy is put on the door. The increased energy is very dangerous, and it can cause serious injuries. This force is so powerful that it can damage a vehicle.

Thus, the safety cables are very crucial. If your garage door is fitted with safety cables, the cables will offer protection in case the spring breaks.

What will happen if the safety cable itself is the problem?

If you notice sticks as you open or close your door, then the cable might have developed a problem. However, you have to conduct various inspection procedures to determine if the cables are the cause of the problem. There are minor other issues that can cause your garage door to stick, and therefore, it is very important to do an inspection.

One of the problems can be caused by the remote control door opener, so keenly inspect the batteries and sensors. In case the door is operated without a remote, check the wheel track to see if there is any obstruction. In some instances, the weather can cause sticking. If you don’t trace any problem after performing the above inspection, the problem could be traced to the safety cable.

A broken cable or weak spring can also cause the door to lower too fast. If you encounter such an issue, you should contact Vancouver BC garage door experts immediately. Since this problem can cause injuries when opening or closing the door. Replacement of the garage door can be the perfect solution to such a problem.

Why is it vital to seek professional Door Cable Repair in Vancouver BC?

Our technicians are trained to tackle all garage door cable repair projects. Expert services will guarantee your safety. A garage door cable that is malfunctioning can be very risky, and if it’s not fixed correctly, you and your car can be in danger.

We have experts who will help fix your garage door cable effectively and efficiently applying the right safety procedures.

If you are experiencing any garage door cable issue in Vancouver BC, give us a call now.